Stacey is amazing!!!!! I have many chronic issues I manage due to a connective tissue disorder, scoliosis, and hydrocephalus. I had the privilege of getting a massage when she was still "learning", and I knew I could possibly be one of her more challenging customers. As a new massage therapist, I was shocked at how good the massage felt, and that she seemed so in tune with how my body moved/felt and what she needed to do in order to help relieve pain in problem areas. She was very good at checking in with me if she wasn't sure about something, and she listened to everything I requested while also suggesting things she could try to help me if I was willing. I left the massage feeling refreshed and relaxed- HIGHLY recommend Stacey!


Green Bay, WI

I met Robert as he began his Shamanic journey into his own healing and have watched him learn to embrace his gifts along the way. He is an amazing man who embodies a strong yet quiet gentleness that permeates his entire being. His compassion for others is openly evident and this makes working with him a truly magical experience. 


His combination of conscious bodywork and subtle energetic healing have brought a new level of awareness to my life. By incorporating his knowledge of complementary healing modalities, those that address not only the physical, but also the more subtle aspects of well being, he’s granted me the incredible gift of holistic, multi-layered healing. 


As someone who understands that to heal sometimes we must go beyond the obvious, he has helped me remember that to feel truly centered, present and healthy, both my body and my spirit must be engaged and that sometimes, a little help goes a long way. I highly recommend you work with Robert if you’re looking for powerful yet gentle healing. A session with him is one of the best gifts you could give to yourself, or anyone else.


Minneapolis, MN

I instantly felt at ease when I met Robert.  First of all I didn’t really know what to expect.  He explained how everything worked and led off by telling me his “story”.  He had an amazing story!  Secondly my energy healing massage was felt to the core of my body.  I just kept on thinking in my mind "peace, peace, peace…."  I never wanted that feeling to end.  I was taken to a place that brought me to tears.  However, they were healing good tears.  I often reflect and go back to that place.


Milwaukee, WI

I’m so incredibly blessed and fortunate to have had the honor of witnessing and holding space for Robert’s healing journey, first, as his massage therapist and then as his spiritual mentor. Through our co-creative, often unconventional collaborative work together, he has earned the wisdom and teachings of my late mentor, Dorothy Starlite, founder of the Sisterhood of the Medicine Heart, student of Dr. Brugh Joy.


Over the past several years, Robert has bravely answered the call to live into higher and higher levels of integrity, embodying and remembering the archetypal energies of shamanic healer and heart-warrior teacher. His message – achingly beautiful, vulnerable, raw and powerful. His voice, even more so.

Having had a private practice for over 20 years as a licensed master massage therapist, energy healer, and spiritual mentor; I find the unique combination of Robert’s talents and skills - not only on heart-centered energetic healing service, but also hands on technical skills - incomparable. The sum of his talents is rare. His authentic, genuine capacity to deeply connect with each and every person he works with and to see their highest good for their healing is at the core of his work no matter what modality he is using. Awakening contribution in others is another of his many gifts I have seen first hand.

I so appreciate being a grateful recipient of both his shamanic counseling and massage services; having found very few other therapists/healers who can so skillfully offer such consciously aware and sensitive treatment. I’m picky!

What’s so great about working with Robert is how he so lovingly, yet firmly, guides me to find the courage within myself (yes, even healers forget too!) to rediscover my strength to heal past hurts, to expand and positively move forward, to nurture what lies in my heart and to speak the truth that can only be found in my deepest, darkest, most private of wounded places. I trust him – and that says a lot because I have a lot of (ahem) “stuff”. We play on the same field together. I have the utmost respect for what it takes for him to be here NOW, alive and well, in spite of his life challenges, creating from nothing the impossible!

Over the course of recent years, in addition to becoming a trusted friend, Robert has become a major support and champion for my own healing process. When I feel depleted, overwhelmed or burdened and alone in my pain and suffering, he helps me remind myself of my greatness and why I am here. He offers me sanctuary and I am a more than willing receiver of his inspired generosity. 


Evanston, IL

of Barrington


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