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Application for Consideration

We would like to thank you for taking the time to ask for our possible inclusion as a sponsor of your charitable efforts and/or fundraising activities.


Sponsorship of Charities

To ensure fairness, instead of providing sponsorships to individuals, we provide resources directly to non-profit organizations [501 (c) 3]'s that may distribute their funds to individuals or use them for their own charitable efforts.

Please fill out the following information and submit for consideration. All accepted applications and chosen charities will be required to provide a formal Letter of Acceptance allowing us to use your organization's name, logo(s) and information at our place of business and on our promotional print materials, website and through social media, solely for the purpose of promoting our massage services and for generating funds for your charitable organization. The Letter of Acceptance must be on agency letterhead and include a contact person's name, a return address, and a phone number.


A copy of your agency's Federal Tax Determination letter is also required. We are required to have the supporting documentation on file. Sponsorships will not be honored without this letter.

Charitable Application for Consideration

Sponsorship of Fundraisers and Fundraising Events

Thank you for considering Giving Back Massage as part of your fundraising efforts.


We presently offer to donate 10% of a Giving Back Massage clients paid fee to an approved fundraising entity (individual, group, school, organization, etc.) for a mutually agreed upon period of time, when the client specifically mentions at the time of their service the name of an approved/on-file fundraising effort.


Additionally, we are open to reviewing ideas for other fundraising initiatives (On-site chair massages, your group selling Giving Back Massage™ discount cards, selling pre-paid massage/wellness cards, etc.)

To have your fundraising effort reviewed for consideration, please fill out the attached form.


Fundraising Application for Consideration























Because of the volume of requests we receive please allow 14 days to process and provide approval for requests for our 10% donation program and 30 days to process and approve any requests for events. Please be sure your event is at least 60 days from the date of your request.

Thank you for your fundraising application.

Thank you for your submission. We will do our best to reply to you in a timely manner.

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