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More and more people are realizing that having stiff muscles in your face can cause unhealthy blood flow and poor lymphatic circulation. This means tissues don't receive enough nutrients and oxygen, resulting in inadequate detoxification. The result is often a dull complexion, puffiness, and drooping of the cheeks due to the weight of water retention.

The most common approach is to work from the outside with creams and ointments to try and tackle wrinkles, sagging skin, tired looking eyes, and manage uneven toned skin.

But just like the shamanic wellness work we do here at Giving Back Massage the true answer lays in working from the inside out. The underlying soft tissues, muscles, and fat distribution throughout the mouth, not to mention the tension you're holding in there as well (do you grind your teeth at night?) are playing havoc with the outward appearance of your skin.


That’s where the buccal facelift massage comes in.



The buccal facelift massage therapy is a facial massage technique that specifically targets the drooping of the jowls, a universally known problem area. While many try to tighten the area through topical means, like face creams and oils, it’s often ineffective and usually gets to the point that there are only two methods that will actually meet someones expectations. One is through a medical procedure like facial fillers, and the other is through a buccal facelift massage. Given that choice, which one would you rather try first?


"Buccal" is the clinical term that refers to the inner mouth cavity. At Giving Back Massage a buccal facelift massage achieves its remarkable results by allowing the therapist to access muscle and soft tissue from the inside of the mouth.


1. A session usually starts with a lymphatic massage of the chest, neck, and shoulders. After the therapist thoroughly cleanses and protects their hands (with medical-grade gloves), they’ll proceed to apply pressure from the crease of the nose, moving downwards to the chin.


2. They’ll then target the muscles that surround the mouth, (the orbicularis oris), lightly tugging and massaging the lips.


3. Then they massage from the inside of the cheeks with a combination of the thumbs and index fingers, pulling the skin up and down and massaging in a circular motion.


While it can sound invasive, it is not. A great way to think about is the therapist's hands are not in your mouth, but rather, your mouth is in the therapists hands. They're caring for you. Relax and enjoy it.


Lymphatic massage along the inner skin can decrease puffiness and enhance the natural curvatures and bone structure of the face. It can improve blood circulation and can also stimulate repair pathways in the skin and promote younger-looking tissue.


The result, facial features are more defined because the skin is receiving enough nutrients and oxygen.

The entire massage session takes 50 minutes. You will feel and see results after just one session and typically 4 professional sessions are recommended (over 4 weeks) along with implementing at home or on-the-go "Face Yoga" exercises our therapist will teach you for even more pronounced "lift" results.


Your Therapist

Anastasiia is not only Giving Back Massage's certified technician of the Buccal Facelift Massage Therapy, but she is also a regular recipient of the beauty regimen.

Benefits of Buccal Massage

The following list represents the most commonly reported benefits of buccal face lift massage:

  • Rejuvenate the Lower Face.

  • Relax Tight Muscles of the Jaw.

  • Tone and Sculpt the Lower Face.

  • Improves the Complexion.

  • Reduce Puffiness of the Cheeks and Lower Face.

  • Improve the Jawline.

  • Soften Lines on the Lower Face.

  • Softens Lip Lines.

Local Giving Back Massage Client Testimonial

"It was like nothing I have ever experienced before.  I felt completely relaxed during the entire process. Anastasiia's professional and calming nature was excellent.  She explained the process before we started so I knew what to expect and that was much appreciated. The idea of her hands in my mouth not once weirded me out. The way she manipulated the tissue and muscles felt awesome. I never knew how much tension we carry in our facial muscles. Afterwards she gave me techniques on how to release tension in my jaw and to help ease my teeth grinding at night.  As for my skin it feels toned and fantastic!  I felt plumpness in my cheeks and lips last night and I still feel it today.  My husband even noticed when I got home.  He said I looked younger!"

~Kristen B.

  Palatine, IL

Celebrity Following

Just a small sampling of celebrities who receive the Buccal Massage as part of their beauty regimen.

Meghan Markle


Kristen Bell

Kate Moss



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