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Please take a moment to fill out this brief feedback form so that we at Giving Back Massage of Barrington can design and provide all our guests with the best wellness experience possible. In return for your valuable time and insight you will receive  a coupon for 50% off of your next Giving Back Massage service.

What is your current client status with Giving Back Massage?
How did you discover Giving Back Massage?
What information were you seeking from the Giving Back Massage web site?
What is your personal interest in / intent for massage?
What massage services are you interested in?
What specialty massage services are you interested in?
Did you find the web site easy to navigate?
Did you find the information you came for?
Did you book an appointment today?
How likely are you to book an appointment with us in the future?
What deterred you from booking an appointment today?

Thanks for your feedback!

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