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EXPRESSIONS—Post #3: You've Got to Go In to Get Out

The Realization of Ones Higher Self Through Massage, Wellness, and Shamanic Healing

A Blog by Robert Baittie, Owner, LMT, and Shamanic Practitioner at Giving Back Massage of Barrington

As I sat in my doctors office discussing medical possibilities and courses of action I realized how heavy the weight of 2011 had been bearing down on me. Not knowing what was wrong physically had given fuel to anxiety and panic and my symptoms had actually compounded themselves. The simultaneous stress related to work was sapping my strength and energies even more and made dealing with my health a challenge.

I was looking at taking on a second job in the evening to supplement my income which was still taking a hit from our economy. 2011 was drawing to a close and I recall being anxious for it to come to end so I could put the year behind me. 2012 simply HAD to be better I'd say to myself. It couldn't be any worse.

Little did I know.

A Date With Destiny?

Part of my personal belief system is that prior to our being born into this world in these physical forms that we take on, we all exist as perfect souls in spirit form. Pure energy. A creation of God awaiting our opportunities to live out our lives here on Earth for the "soul purpose" of evolving—trying to become the highest expression of who we can be. Nothing more. Nothing less. Simply become the highest expression of who you can be.

Well...not so simple.

You see, I also believe that to do that, we have to face challenges throughout our lives. Challenges that we choose (or chose) for ourselves. Challenges that we chose because we knew that those were what we would need most to overcome in order to evolve. Yes, I believe I chose the answer to my health problems that I was about to receive.

2012 had started for the most part much the same way 2011 had gone, with more doctors appointments and specialists until I finally found myself sitting in a neurologists office. And as I sat there listening to the doctor deliver a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, I felt a surprising calm wash over me. As if I had been out in the cold for a long period of time, and suddenly a good samaritan came along and draped a warm blanket around my shoulders. I felt incredibly at peace. And then, in the quiet of my thoughts, what I honestly believe to be a miracle happened.

I heard a voice.

It was a voice that whispered from deep inside of me. That said that everything was going to be ok. That the power was in me for my own healing. That true wellness doesn't come from a pill or a procedure. That it comes from within your heart, and within your mind. And I realized at that moment that Parkinson's disease didn't happen to me, it happened for me.

And so began my healing.

The Healing Power of Your Thoughts.

In everything in life, you can choose to imagine the best, or you can choose to imagine the worst. The choice is up to you. But what you choose to do with your imagination has the power to shape your realities.

That became my mantra quickly after receiving my diagnosis. I was determined to put my thoughts to work for me, in the belief that my thoughts had the power to change my outcomes. That my thoughts would be the key to my own healing.

There is scientific proof that when your brain has thoughts that trigger emotional reactions, your brain sends signals to your body to release certain chemicals. Chemicals that can have a profound effect on your body and on your health.

When your thoughts and the corresponding emotions are upbeat, optimistic, happy, and of a positive mindset, your brain signals your body to release dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. All good stuff that contribute to your overall wellness. But when you're stressed, unhappy, anxious, threatened and hopeless, your brain sends signals to your body to release cortisol, which is a stress hormone that negatively impacts your health.

Believe It Or Not.

You can believe the diagnosis. Just don't believe the prognosis. That's up to you.

When you cut your finger you put a Band-Aid on it and you pretty much leave it alone. You don't lift up the bandage every day to see how it's doing. No, you pretty much trust that it's going to heal. And it does.

But when something bigger comes along, something that threatens your well-being, like a chronic disease or illness, then you're not so confident in your bodies ability to help you recover. Why is that? Why can we not muster up the same confidence in our system to help heal us? or at the very least play a much more significant role in "assisting" in our own healing in combination with medical intervention?

I believe its due in a big way to negative expectations.

As I sat in the neurologists office I inquired as to what symptoms I would have to endure with Parkinson's disease, to which she replied, "Well we cannot say for sure as the symptoms are different for every patient."

"Well then I am not going to have any!" I said.

She smiled and condescendingly replied, "Well you can choose to think that."

"I'm going to." I said with conviction in my voice.

Why wouldn't I?, Why wouldn't anyone?"

More to come.

I'm a firm believer that where you put your attention is where you put your energy and that the combination of the two has the power to manifest outcomes in your life. Be mindful of your thoughts. They have the power to heal you.

If you are interested in learning how Shamanic wellness sessions can make a difference in your health and your life journey, please give me a call at 312.813.2530 or email me at


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