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A conscious bodywork session is a caring, supporting, and safe form of full-body energy therapy designed with the intention of allowing the client to release whatever their body may be holding energetically that isn’t contributing to their highest good. Each session is an intuitive process, where the client and therapist work co-creatively to facilitate energetic healing, health, and harmony. While bodywork provides all of the traditional benefits of therapeutic massage, bodywork goes much farther and much deeper in that it addresses the complete person.


We bring to the table training and experience in Shamanic Energy Healing, Conscious Bodywork Therapy, Massage, Reiki, and more…


Conscious bodywork is wonderful for opening chakras and facilitating the movement of heavy, stagnant energy within the body resulting in the opening of space for greater positive energy flow. Clients leave a session feeling lighter, more energetic and a heightened awareness of self. 

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The actual practice of bodywork looks more towards treating the body, mind, and spirit as one, whereas massage focuses on just the body. The therapy also looks at the energy field of the guest, or Oi as it is referred to as, that environs the body with pressure.

Integrated Modalities

• Swedish

• Myofascial

• Deep Tissue

• Trigger Point Therapy

• Cranio-Sacral

• Lymphatic Drainage

• Shiatsu

• Reiki

• Chakra Attunement

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