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  • You're successful but you don't feel fulfilled in life

  • You're intelligent but solving your own problems is a challenge

  • You struggle with feeling worthy of love

  • You're social but you feel alone

  • Day to day living can leave you feeling anxious or depressed

  • You struggle to find significance in your life

  • You feel as though your life is an emotional rollercoaster

  • You're not truly happy


Your body was divinely created to have a natural connection to the energy of the universe that can easily and effortlessly flow through you, to not only sustain you in this lifetime, but to heal you as well.

When you can awaken and harness this power you can change your vibration and energy in the universe, your mood and emotions, and ultimately your bodies chemistry and your health.

It's not voodoo, it's not magic. It's a divine gift you've had since birth.

When you cut your hand or finger, or skinned your knee as a child, you put a Band-aid on it and you left it alone and trusted it would heal. You didn't lift the bandage every hour or two to make sure it was healing. You believed your body had the ability to heal it and it did. Why is it so hard to believe your body has greater capabilities?

If you're ready to get in sync with your bodies healing capabilities and take back your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, plus your natural power to be the creator of your life, then work with me.

I've worked with countless individuals in their 20's to their 70's that have had no idea all the power they have had at their disposal for their own well-being. 

Together we'll co-create a holistic, individualized, heart-centered approach to managing your life and your wellness. I can lovingly guide you through the process of healing trauma in your life, moving out energies that don't serve your highest good, and make room for more love in your life. 


What you will be empowered to do:

  • Embrace committing to yourself for your own personal growth

  • Gain clarity of your truth and put down the life baggage

  • Discover your purpose and be the highest expression of who you can be

  • Pinpoint and strengthen your faith to conquer life's challenges

  • Eliminate stress and live the life you were intended to live

And start living the life you were intended to live.

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What Clients Have Said

I visited Giving Back Massage for the 1st time in February 2020 after doing some research on local massage and holistic healing practices, and am so glad I gave it a shot. I did a 90 minute massage and energy healing session with Robert, and the experience stretched way beyond what I was expecting. It's by far the best investment I've made in myself in a very long time. I left the suite feeling more energized, hopeful, and restored than I have in years - and that's continued every day since. I truly feel as though I'm seeing my life and the world through new eyes. Robert is a wonderful, genuine, open-hearted human and also an incredibly gifted massage therapist. I'm so thrilled to have discovered this little gem right in my neighborhood & thankful to include it as part of my wellness practice!


I am SO grateful to have found Giving Back Massage and to be able to experience self love and healing there monthly under the guidance of Robert. It is such an incredible place and he is such an amazing person. Don't be fooled by the office building it's housed in, as soon as you walk through the door to the GBM space the environment is welcoming, calm, and peaceful. It has a much more comfortable atmosphere than any of the massage chains. Robert gives a very relaxing massage that also addresses all of my sore spots without me even having to say anything. He is also great at picking up and working on energy, and is so GIVING, from the discounts offered to community service members to making sure everything you need is addressed during your visit. Please don't miss the change to check Giving Back Massage out if you are in the area and looking for a good massage or any form of healing!


I highly recommend the services at Giving Back Massage! If you are looking for someone who truly believes in the power of healing through mind, body and spirit you have found the right place. Robert thrives on giving his best to each and every client through his unique lens of being a modern day shaman. I left his office feeling relaxed and renewed!


I highly recommend Bob's shamanic healing work. If you are wondering what it's about and what it can do for you, give him a call. Not only is Bob an exceptional person, he's also a talented and skilled empath. He is one of the rare humans who actually walks the talk of wellness and personal growth. I wholeheartedly trust him and his valuable insights when in need of care... and being a healer myself I am a discerning customer. Your whole world can change if you're ready. Thank you, Bob!


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