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A Word About Shamanic Counsel and Healing

And the reason why I chose to practice Shamanism

Are you living your life based on someone that others want you to be, or even what you’ve convinced yourself you need to be? If so, you will never experience your authentic self. But you can change that.

Imagine that you were meant to be and do so much more in this life; and that with a little healing work you’d get closer to the highest expression of yourself.

Personal healing work will bring more peace to your life. You’ll feel safer in Love, and wiser about how to give it. Once you’ve listened with your heart and seen with your imagination, you’ll realize the magnitude of your soul and the bliss of achieving it.​

Physicians, trainers, dieticians, and therapists help us attend to Body and Mind. But we often neglect the part of us that’s eternal - our Spirit. Countless ancestors have unknowingly gifted each new generation with a burden that slows our growth even before we add our own baggage.

​As trustee of your ancestral heritage, you have an opportunity and a responsibility to rid your life of things that no longer serve you. Awakening your highest self is a priceless gift to both you and future generations.

If you could develop a belief system designed by you, heart-center approved by you, that told you where you came from, your life purpose, and where you’re going next, would you do it?

Drop the baggage. Body Mind and Spirit fitness will bring you greater peace, joy, and happiness. If you’re yearning to discover the beauty and purpose of your life, and regain your personal place of power, schedule a Shamanic Wellness Counsel session with Robert.

For more detailed information on the Shamanic healing process click here.

To schedule a shamanic session with Robert click here.

Robert Baittie, Shaman, Licensed Massage Therapist
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