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It's a Feel Good, Feel Good


When founder, shamanic-practitioner, and licensed massage therapist,

Robert Baittie envisioned Giving Back Massage™, he knew he wanted to create a professional, therapeutic massage service unlike any other.

One that offered more. Much more.


Giving Back Massage™ is just that…

…it's Massage That Makes a Difference!

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It's About Wellness


With a mission focused on the health of the individual (body, mind, and spirit) and the well-being of the entire community, Giving Back Massage™ of Barrington™ embraces a perspective that to truly achieve wellness in our life, we must seek to be in relationship and harmony with the spirit in all things: people, plants, animals, and all of life.

It's About Giving Back to Our Communities


From its inception Giving Back Massage of Barrington™ has committed to donate 10% of each client fee back to local charitable organizations that serve the environment, animal welfare, or human services.​


What’s more, we will provide discounted chair massage sessions to local hospital staff, caregivers, teachers, veterans, fire fighters and police – the men and women in the community whose services contribute to our well-being.


Our philosophy is that when our communities thrive—we all thrive.

It's About Putting the Power of Our Massage in Your Hands

When you receive a massage or wellness session from us that makes a difference in your life, you feel good. When you realize a portion of your fee is going toward helping a charitable organization that’s making a difference in other peoples’ lives, you feel even better. We call it our feel good, feel good.

Start Giving Back

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