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It's a Feel Good, Feel Good


When founder, Shaman, and licensed massage therapist, Robert Baittie envisioned

Giving Back Massage™, he knew he wanted to create a professional, therapeutic massage service unlike any other. One that offered more. Much more.


Giving Back Massage™ is just that.

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It's About Wellness


With a mission to not only focus on the health of the individual but also on the health of the entire community, Giving Back Massage™ of Barrington embraces a perspective that to truly achieve wellness in one's life, we must also seek to be in relationship and harmony with the spirit in all things.​This includes all people, plants, animals, and all of life.

It's About Giving Back to Our Community


That is why each year, Giving Back Massage of Barrington™ donates 10% of each massage fee to a local charitable organization serving the environment, animal welfare, or human services.​

In addition, it is our goal to provide complementary and discounted chair massage sessions to local hospital staff, caregivers, teachers, veterans, firemen, and policemen. When our communities thrive—we all thrive.

It's About Giving Back to You

With enrollment into Giving Back Massage's exceptional therapeutic massage membership program, every 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month member receives an additional 60-minute massage absolutely FREE!

Start Giving Back

Book Your Wellness Session Today!

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