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A Word About Shamanic Counsel and Healing

And the reason why I chose to practice Shamanism

If you only live your life trying to be what you believe others want you to be, or what you’ve convinced yourself you need to be, you will never truly experience what it is to be your authentic self. You will never fully realize the magnitude of what your soul was intended to be, nor experience the bliss of achieving it.

And that would be a shame.

Because just imagine for a moment… that you were meant to be, and do so much more in this life, and that by doing a little healing work, you would stretch your soul to greater heights, so that with each experience of growth, you’d get a little closer to achieving the highest expression of yourself.

And what about this? What if by doing some of this personal work it made your lifetime a little easier. You’ll enjoy and achieve a little more peace in your life. You’ll feel safer in Love and a little wiser on how to give it. All because you’re more in tune with your spirit and because you’ve learned to listen with your heart and see with your imagination.

When it comes to caring for our Body, Mind, and Spirit we do a really good job attending to the Body and the Mind, with physicians, trainers, dieticians, and therapists. But a mediocre job at best with our Spirit. Yet it is our physical Body and Mind that has a finite existence while our Spirit and it’s energy will continue on for eternity.

What if you had the opportunity to finally put down the enormous weight of life baggage that countless ancestors before you have carried forward and unknowingly gifted each new generation (that you are now caretaker to by the way). Not to mention any additional baggage you’ve picked up. It’s an unnecessary burden that is slowing your growth and you can put it down.

As the trustee of your ancestral heritage, you not only have the opportunity to rid your life of things that no longer serve you, but you have the responsibility to.

It’s part of the awakening of your soul and is necessary for the achievement of your highest self. Plus, it’s a great gift to give to the generations of the past as well as the future.

What if you could develop a faith for yourself, a belief system designed by you, and heart-center approved by you, that not only told you where you have come from, what your purpose is here in this lifetime, and where you are going after here but that it also brought you greater peace, joy, and happiness in this life.

Sound good?

If you’re yearning to discover an outlook on your life that allows you to see the beauty and the purpose in every event, and that returns you to your personal place of power, then schedule a Shamanic Wellness Counsel session with Robert.

What have you got to lose but a lifetime of baggage?

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Robert Baittie, Shaman, Licensed Massage Therapist

Robert Baittie

Owner Giving Back Massage

Licensed Massage Therapist

Shamanic Practitioner

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