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Robert Baittie, GivingBack Massgw owner. licensed massage therapist;shaman


Body • Mind • Spirit

Swedish Massage    |    Therapeutic Massage     |     Myofascial Release

Lymphatic Drainage Massage    |     Prenatal Massage    |    Fertility (Mayan Abdominal) Massage

   Chakra Attunement     |     Shamanic Healing     |     Shamanic Journeying



A Shamanic practitioner*, adjunct faculty member in the Massage Therapy department of the College of Lake County, and licensed massage therapist, Robert is the founder of Giving Back Massage™.


Robert made his commitment to a shamanic path when the changing landscape of his own life required him to look within to discover and access his own healing beliefs. That initiation opened Robert to a deeper level of personal wellness. Today, Robert lives in a suburb of Chicago where he guides his clients. through their journeys to optimal health and well-being utilizing ancient shamanic principles, mindfulness, and natural healing techniques.

By combining his spiritual wisdom as a Shaman with his physical skills as a massage therapist, Robert provides a 

powerful level of personal empowerment and healing for his clients that addresses the needs of the entire person; Body, Mind, and Spirit.


Robert’s areas of transformational healing focus on six principles of wellness:

  • Trust in the bodies inherent wisdom and ability to heal itself

  • Look beyond ones symptoms to find the underlying cause(s)

  • Utilize the most natural, non-invasive, and non-toxic treatments

  • Educate clients on steps they can take to achieve and maintain good health

  • View the person as an integrated whole in all its physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions

  • Develop life purpose and faith to strengthen overall wellness


Robert’s formal training includes Amy Wilinski's Golden Light Healing for his Shamanic training, College of Lake County, for his National Board Certification and State of Illinois License for Massage Therapy.


Robert is also a published author, motivational speaker, and graphic artist. 


Robert's primary interest is in facilitating the benefit to our collective society that may result from his work.


You can book a session with Robert here.

*To learn more about Shamanism and Shamanic Healing click either link.


University of Illinois


BFA Fine and Applied Arts-Graphic Design

Golden Light Healing

Amy Wilinski-Sobieski, WI

Shamanic Practitioner

College of Lake County

Grayslake, IL

Massage Therapy

Usui Reiki

Dr. Mikaio Usui

Level 1 & 2 Reiki-Shiki Ryoho Healing Modality

Tremors in the Universe

A Personal Journey of Discovery with Parkinsons and Spirituality


TEDx Talk

TEDxIIT-April 2016


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