Loyalty Minutes Program

Your time is valuable, that's why we're rewarding you with Loyalty Minutes

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    Sign Up

    • Sign up as a member to start enjoying the Loyalty Minutes Program. Earn valuable minutes to redeem as cash on products and services*. 1 minute = $1 credit Minimum of 60 minutes earned required for redemption. Minutes are only redeemable for online purchases. Purchase must be made at time of booking or order placement. Minutes may not be used for monthly membership payments. Minutes have no cash-out value.

  2. 02

    Earn Minutes

    • Order a plan

      Get 1 Minutes for every $1 spent

    • Purchase a gift certificate or special purchase promotion

      Get 5 Minutes

    • Book a session

      Get 5 Minutes

    • Pay your invoice at time of online booking

      Get 5 Minutes

    • Become a site member

      Get 5 Minutes

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    Redeem Rewards

    • Free 90-min Gift Certificate

      115 Minutes = $115 off for "90-minute massage Gift Certificate"

    • Free 60-min Gift Certificate

      85 Minutes = $85 off for "60-minute massage Gift Certificate"

    • Free 90-min Massage

      115 Minutes = $115 off for "90-minute Massage"

    • Free 60-min Massage

      85 Minutes = $85 off for "60-minute Massage"