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It's your feel good, feel good.

Giving Back
10% of every client fee

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Get a massage.  Reward others.  You feel good.  They feel good.

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At Giving Back Massage of Barrington™, we're committed to Making a Difference in the lives and well-being of our clients, our communities, and ultimately, the world. Doing something that has a positive impact on someone or something adds meaning, purpose and significance to our lives. And it feels good. It's no different for a business.


When we opened our doors, our vision was that a business, especially one that promotes healing and wellness, can and should make a positive difference in the communities they serve, and beyond. Throughout our philanthropic effort we’ve never lost sight of how truly blessed we are as a business to have our livelihood sustained by our clientele, and the communities that we serve.


That’s why Giving Back Massage of Barrington™ donates 10% of each client’s fee to local charitable organizations that serve the environment, animal welfare, or human services. We also provide discounted massage and wellness services to men and women in the community providing services that contribute to our well-being; local hospital staff, caregivers, teachers, veterans, firefighters, and police.


We call it our ‘feel good, feel good.’​


The common thread in everything we do at Giving Back Massage of Barrington™ is making a difference by…


  • Giving individuals opportunities to heal physically, mentally and spiritually through the services we provide.

  • Giving back to those who provide vital community services that take care of us

  • Spreading the joy that comes from making a difference in someone’s life and ultimately the world.


We hope you’ll join us.​

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