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(The following is intended to be used only as a general guide for the shamanic healing  & wellness experience. Sessions are an intuitively-led, co-creative process that is different with each client.)

Our first session will start with a conversation or shamanic counsel.

• Tell me your story?

• Where do you feel stuck or perceive blockages that keep you from moving forward?

• Where do you experience or find fear?

• Where do you experience feelings of pain?

This is the time to remember YOU are an integral part of your healing team and to share anything you feel is holding you back or down from living the life you want now! My first role as a shamanic practitioner is to hold sacred space for you to help facilitate your healing. This is NOT about passing judgment. So, all that I ask of you is for you to show up authentic, honest, and willing to share.

As your practitioner, I'll help you to find the deepest root of how this imprint is living within you. Our intent is not to be plucking leaves off but rather we want to pull this imprint up from its deepest roots. We'll do a little "soul searching" and connect deeply with the imprint so that you can consciously release it during any future counseling or energy work. Quite often, this counsel work is all that is needed in combination with bodywork energy therapy to facilitate and begin the healing and wellness process. We'll work on integrating lifestyle and perspective changes that put you in greater alignment with your true spirit and start the transformational process of putting you back in your power. Combining the wisdom  of  shamanic  traditions with intuitive spiritual guidance we'll implement steps and exercises that are designed to put you back in touch with your divine self. 


If we determine deeper work is needed we may choose to do some journeying or shamanic healing. We will then work a bit with my mesa, which is my medicine bundle. The mesa is a portable altar filled with power objects, used for your healing. I'll have you choose a stone from my mesa. At this point, I will have you lay down and prepare to receive the energy work. We will explore a bit of breathing work together while I hold points on the back of your head (called "heavens gates") to help you relax and also prepare you for energetic release.

I will then begin to work with your energy field and with your chakras. I will have you blow the thoughts of the heavy energy we are working with into the stone of your choosing to imprint the stone with that energy. The healing stone will then be placed on your body (at a predetermined chakra) while you continue to stay focused on your breath.

During the next part of the session, many things can take place, all depending on what we are working with. You may hear me rattle or drum to loosen heavy energy. I might use a crystal to draw out energy. I might be guided to journey on your behalf into the subconscious to bring back energetic essences that will support you on your healing path. This part of your session is unpredictable and is guided by shamanic tracking. All the while, your only job is to stay focused on letting go of what no longer serves you through your breathing.

Some clients will feel a lot of energy shifting throughout the session. There may be physical release through trembling or tears. You may feel hot or cold. You may see visions or hear inspiration. This is all quite normal. Remember, emotion is energy in motion. Energetic shifts are taking place whether you can sense them or not.

The final piece of the energy healing I love to share is the decoupling process. I will place my hands under your back (one under your heart and one under your sacral) while I guide your heartbeat to sync with the heartbeat of the earth. This is deeply relaxing, grounding, and filled with sweetness.

Once you're sitting back up, we will return to conversation and share our experiences. Depending on the processes I completed, I may share a little or I may share a lot. But I will only share with you what I believe will truly serve you on your journey and your higher good.

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