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Certified Reiki and
Access Bars Practitioner

Reiki  |  Access Bars



Barbara Gasior is a dedicated Access Bars Practitioner and Reiki Facilitator, committed to helping her clients achieve a state of holistic balance and well-being. With her experience in the world of energy work and spiritual healing, Barbara has developed a unique and powerful approach to healing that is both gentle and effective.


She believes that true healing comes from within, and that by accessing our own inner wisdom and power, we can create profound shifts in our lives.

Her approach to healing is grounded in the power of positive energy, and she is dedicated to helping her clients tap into their own innate ability to heal themselves.


If you are seeking a compassionate and experienced Access Bars Practitioner or Reiki Facilitator, look no further. With her unique blend of intuition, knowledge, and skill, Barbara can help you achieve a state of balance and harmony that will transform your life.

For more information about Access Bars. Please click here.


To schedule an Access Bars appointment online with Barbara, please click here.

Otherwise, please call 312.813.2530 to reserve your session.



Certified Access Bars Practitioner

Certified Reiki Facilitator

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